About us

CHAINZ is an interactive platform where you can find great discounts and offers designed especially for your daily needs, you will gain access to uncountable offers and surprise deals from your favorite brands. whether you are looking to eat, things to do, places to workout or you just want to go shopping, CHAINZ will accompany you throughout your day.


Through Chainz you can:

-Save MONEY!
-Seize amazing offers from your favorite brands. 
-CHAINZ offers individual vouchers or group-buying vouchers.
-Filter by area and the nearest deals will be in your pocket!
-Refine your search by brand, category, location, and date.
-Receive notifications about hot offers and deals.
-Share offers with your family and friends.
-Bookmark your favorite offers to be reminded when they are about to expire.
-Contact us anytime through our responsive customer service all weekdays.