Chainz Services

Chainz provides three different types of services:


1. Voucher:


·      Vouchers are limited time offers provided by various brands.

·      On the platform, you will find many different vouchers options, like buy one get one, discount, free item, percentage discount, etc.

·      For every voucher there is a countdown keeping you informed of the validity of the offer in order to claim it before it expires. 

·      Every brand includes all the terms and conditions that you must know about before claiming the offer.

·      When you click on the voucher, you will find a gallery of images as well as a description providing details related to the service or product offered.



·       A Gomla voucher is a service based on group buying.  

·       In order to unlock the offer, a certain amount of people is required to reserve it.

·       At the bottom of the voucher, the number of reservations left is shown to keep you updated.


3.Gift Voucher: 

·       Now you can send your loved ones a gift voucher with a click of a button. 

·       From the gift vouchers provided on the platform, choose the one you would like to gift, purchase it and transfer the voucher to whomever you would like by only providing their mobile number.

·       The receiver redeems their gift from the nearest branch.