Gift Voucher

The concept behind CHAINZ Gift Voucher was not about saving money but rather spreading love amongst people. Distance is no longer an issue and will no longer stop you from getting closer to people and make their day. Now you can send gifts to your loved ones with just a click of a button. All you have to do is to browse the gift vouchers, choose the one you wish to send and enter the receiver’s phone number. We will send them an SMS or a link where they can accept the transfer and then they redeem their gift from the nearest branch. As simple and easy as that!

Steps to send a gift voucher:

1) Register and login on CHAINZ

2) Browse the gift vouchers

3) Choose your favorite

4) Make sure you have enough CHAINZ coins (free coins can't be used for gift voucher)

5) Buy the voucher

6) After the purchase, click on transfer and write the receiver’s mobile number or Email

7) The receiver redeems the gift from the nearest branch

Steps to receive a gift voucher:

1) You will receive an email or a sms that you have been sent a gift.

2) Register and login on CHAINZ

3) You will find the transferred gift in the transfer requests in the menu

4) Accept the gift

5) Redeem it from the nearest branch