How it works

Chainz is a platform where you can find great discounts and offers made specially for your daily needs.


1.      Sign up by submitting your personal information

To start using Chainz, Submit the required personal information. We strive to protect your information and ensure your privacy.


2.      Verification

Within minutes of signing up to Chainz, you will receive your verification code via SMS/Email.Enter the code to complete your registration.


3.      Grab the offer

Once your Chainz account is activated, browse through the offers. The offers are categorized into food & drink, Things to do, Beauty & Spa, Electronics, Health & Fitness and Goods&Shopping. 



Once you see an offer you like, click on it to view the details. To buy it, click the buy now button. The price of each voucher is written at the bottom left corner in coins currency, Each coin is worth (  5  LE) You must have enough coins in your account to be able to buy and enjoy the offers. If you don't, then you have to buy additional coins to be able to buy the offer. 


You will get a purchase confirmation on the app and on your email in the form of a code, show this code to the cashier in the store to claim the offer. 


Once claimed, you receive an immediate verification to confirm that this is you. Once you verify, the voucher is marked used.